Direct yet conceptual.

Outgoing and engaging.

This is me.

 Doing what I love in Incheon, South Korea

Doing what I love in Incheon, South Korea


Nigel Dollentas

I currently attend Troy University, with a major in Accounting. After my four years, I tend to go ahead and get my CPA certification out of the way. Once that's out of the way, I plan to attend University of Nicosia in Cyprus, to obtain my MSc in Digital currency.

My end goal is to start a consulting firm for cryptocurrency companies, handling accounting and regulation for the quickly growing industry.

I will be attending Tübingen  University in Germany in 2019, considered one of the best business schools in Germany and Europe. Previously I studied at Inha University in Incheon, South Korea. Once my semester abroad in Germany is concluded, I will finish the rest of my bachelors at Troy. 

When I'm not in school, I balance my time between studying Korean, writing professionally and personally, and my podcast. I also make time to hangout with friends, travel, or do whatever excites me.

My creative approach—no matter the medium— is very detail oriented. In photography, its macro photography. In videography, its slow motion b-roll on a lens with plenty of bokeh. With writing, its usage of vivid imagery to paint a captivating story.

I'm always seeking interesting opportunities, internships, and people. If you are seeking consulting for Bitcoin, a content creator for your own website, a camera operator for your next event, or just want to say hi, click the button below and let's talk!