Shot My First Wedding (Photography) + Updates

This has been a really busy week.

Got several articles out for BTCManager, it's been a busy week with the ICE announcing their new Digital Asset Exchange Bakkt.

My most viral article was one talking about Blockchain tech and AI, as Spiros Margaris picked it up and tweeted it out.

Check out the article, the link is here.

Other updates for this week include the finalization of my relationship podcast. It should be out not far too long after this post goes live, so stay tuned for that.

I shot my first wedding today as well. Well not really.


Mr. & Miss Coleman

Typically, I shoot video weddings and take some photos when I have some spare time for portfolio work or IG.

But today was the first time I was hired for photo, and I shot it solo. The results weren't half bad, and you can check out the album here.

If you're interested in booking me for photo/video work, you can contact me here or through my photo website.


Meraki Visual Media

School starts in a week from the time of of me writing this blog post too. Back to Troy University in 7 days. Crazy how fast this summer went. The plan for next week when I get to Troy is to make some kind of college related podcast and keep the commitment of one at least a week. Exciting times!