Now Offering EVEN BETTER SEO Services To Alabama

Why Are You Offering SEO Services All Of A Sudden?

Because I just got certified!

If you have no clue what SEO is, or the services that entails then please…

Do me (and you) a favor by reading this basic explainer article about SEO.

So the two certifications I got were:

Google’s Google Ad Fundamentals

SEMRush’s SEMRush SEO Toolkit

I’ve been advertising super low key about my seo services but now that I’m certified…


So how do I sign up for these SEO services?

You take the literal 3 minutes, and 36 seconds, to fill out this really pretty consultation form I made you guys.

Correction - it takes 3 minute and 16 seconds according to people that have already taken it.

Click this generic anchor text for the survey.

Do note that while I am pushing really hard on offering SEO services to Birmingham (and surrounding area in Alabama) it’s only because it’s easier.

If you live in California but dig my stuff, we can still work together. The internet era is amazing baby!

This is going to be a great year, I can already feel it :)