The Only Person You Should Compare Against Is Yourself


Comparison is the thief of joy.

-Theodore Roosevelt

I just finished the podcast for this week, and like tradition, I’m sitting here trying to write an awesome complementary article to not only further drive traffic to the podcast, but to also get people to come to this blog and website.

I typically talk additionally about the subject at hand in the podcast, but honestly I’ve said all I want to in the podcast (even more reason to listen to it first).

In summary: Comparison in most cases is self-destructive and unproductive, social media and the news further worsens our inclination to do so, and comparison can be used to make one more grateful (thus happier) if used very intentionally and carefully.

I’m not saying to not use social media or read the news, but be mindful. If you can ensure that success stories of others leave you inspired to do better in your own life, then by all means go for it.

But don’t make a standard out of it.

The Story of Megadeth and Metallica

Long story short, because I don’t honestly care about the bands or their history, Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica and made Megadeth.

His original intentions were along the line of “screw Metallica, I’m going to make my own band and it’s going to be way better”.

And Megadeth is a huge band now. 38 Million records sold (as of what Wikipedia told me), with 6 of their 15 albums going platinum. The band has also received 12 Grammy nominations.

In other words, a commercial success from the eyes of any aspiring musician in any genre.

Metallica on the other hand, sold 125 million records, and is ranked as one of the most commercially successful bands of all time.

And since Mustaine was continually comparing himself to someone else, and not his own efforts, to this day, recent interviews have still shown him to be upset about an event that occurred over 3 decades ago.

Not only would comparing against yourself prevented this from happening, but you also make sure resenting the other person from being the best that they can be from not happening. Because in the long term, thinking win-win is what puts everybody ahead.

So give the podcast a listen, and take away something from it. I’d love to hear what you take away in the comments below, in an email, a DM, or even a text or phone call.

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