October Update

It’s been a second, I know

Sorry about that guys! It’s entirely on me, but I am back to update you on what’s happened this month.

So first things first: Disney.

Only God knows how much fun Disney was. I love these two girls so much and being able to see my godparents at the time I did in my life physically and figuratively was perfect. His timing really is perfect.


Next Up: NF

I have always loved NF. His music is a fresh breath of air in the rapping industry as well as in music in general. After this concert with my sister and my friend Alexis, I can very confidently say I feel like I have a personal connection with the artist. It was truly magical.



There’s been a little bit of other things too, but I have been neglecting on podcasts and these kind of posts. So since the last post, there’s two podcasts you guys need to check out: Episode 19 on procrastination and episode 20 on cold showers.

That’s it for now. Take care!

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