Victim Mentality: What It Is And How To Stop It

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Victim Mentality Podcast

So yesterday, I had I did a podcast about the victim mentality: what that is, how it negatively affects yourself and those around you, as well as some ways to change that way of thinking.

For those that haven’t checked it out, you can either listen to it below, or on these podcast hosting platforms.

Podcast Summary

In the podcast I talk about how it is so easy to slip into a victim mentality, because it allows you to avoid everything. Responsibility, confrontation, anything that would lead to growth.

It’s so much easier to complain, whine, blame others, instead of owning responsibility for whatever’s going on and doing something. Unfortunately, this kind of thing takes you nowhere.

Like many other self destructive actions, it’s short term good and long term bad. But what makes this more dangerous than alcohol, drugs, self-harm, is that this can go unseen for a while.

This allows the person to have this kind of mentality for longer, making it more difficult to change their thinking, as well as reverse any damage any of their relationships may have sustained.

How To Stop It

While I won’t give too much away from the podcast, I will boil down the three things I talk about in the episode into one thing here.

You are responsible for everything in your life.

Take Charge Of Your Life

There’s a story about William James, now considered the father of American Psychology.

Long story short, he grew up wealthy, but happened to be a failure at everything. First he tried medicine, leveraging fathers connections to get into Harvard Medical School. Then he tried an expedition into the Amazon, but he got sick and had to return home immediately.

Despite all the benefits, advantages, good upbringing, he failed.

James became terribly depressed, and was planning suicide. But he tried one last time: an experiment where he would for one year take 100% responsibility for everything that happened in his life.

That one year changed him, and made him the famous figure that he is today.

In what James calls his “rebirth”, he became one of the most influential psychologists of his time. His work has been translated in numerous languages, and taught at Harvard and gaves lectures all through USA and Europe.

He settled down and had 5 kids with his wife, with one later earning a Pulitzer. James accredits everything he later accomplished in life because of this experiment.

Mark Manson’s: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK is a great read about this.

This doesn’t mean that in one year you’re going to have everything you’ve ever wanted. Not at all. But it does prepare your mindset to become successful and have an enriched life, and alter your trajectory to one day be successful.

I’d love to hear what you guys think about the podcast and this article. Do you have a victim mentality? What would it take to realize you’re 100% in charge of your life? Let me know below or contact me!