#3 How To Hire A Ghostwriter

hire a ghostwriter

Why You May Want To Hire A Ghostwriter

  1. You’re lazy

  2. You’re too busy and just want results.

  3. You don’t know how to.

And those are the three main reasons.

In fact, when I’m helping clients make websites and am in the content marketing phase, I’ll outsource the writing if it’s on a niche I don’t know or care to research.

(Of course it’s with a writer I trust, and I vet everything that clients (and search engines!) see.)

So what exactly is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is essentially paying a different writer to write something for you, and you’re paying them the rights to claim it’s your own.

Ghostwriting is so common that even Drake does it!

(or supposedly)

There are a few situations where hiring a ghostwriter is advantageous for businesses:

Only occasionally need content/one-time occurence

Like how some companies only have accountants during tax season, same concept applies here.

If you don’t need to be cranking out content often or can’t afford a dedicated in-house writer, a freelance ghostwriter is perfect.

Specialty/Boutique Orders

If you’re looking for a specific kind of writer (PR, CV, etc.) it may be beneficial to hire a ghostwriter as well.

Even if you already have a in-house content writer, sometimes hiring a niche ghost writer will be more time/cost effective than having someone do TONS of research for just one piece of content.

I’ll be doing a Natasha Nixon Review later, probably the only service I would recommend people using if they haven’t found a dedicated writer yet.

Besides copywriting, I would trust them with pretty much anything.

But want to go with someone you can trust?

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