#7 - Why Website Speed Matters - How 1 Second Is LOSING You Business

How That Extra Second Is Costing You HUNDREDS

That’s not an exaggeration either.

Let’s say your a local law firm that is already employing my wonderful SEO magic.

You’re seeing the phone ring more, an bringing in an extra 100 visitors a month.

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but with each client on average needing 5 hours of your time, and the average lawyer charging $300/hour , that’s a lot of money.

Assuming for every 100 visitors, 2 end up becoming clients (2% conversion rate).

If you take a look at that infographic below, you can see the studies show conversion rates decrease by 7% for each second longer that websites take to load.

In this lawyer firm case, that’s the difference between 2 clients, and 9 clients.

$3000 from clients, or $10,500.

There’s a lot more benefits from faster website times. which you can read below.

Wordpress speed optimization comes standard with any SEO package I quote for a client btw :)

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[Infographic] The Interesting Effect of Speed on Conversion Rates - An Infographic from Convert.com

Embedded from A/B testing software

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