(#1) Why YOU Need Copywriting Not Just in Business

Copywriting is the missing puzzle piece

Copywriting image 1

Traffic? Check.

Funnel? Check.

Offer? Check.


Because your copywriting sucks.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting for sales is what cooking is for a cake.

You can have all of the ingredients, and they can even be the FINEST ingredients like:

  • Organic, grass-fed butter

  • Dairy hand-milked from cows in Switzerland

  • Chocolate taken from Willy Wonka himself

  • Sugar borrowed NOT from your next-door neighbor, but the one two doors down.

These ingredients could even be mixed to the optimal fluffyness with the newest, ceramic, dual motor mixer.

But put all that in an oven that’s not:

  • Hot enough

  • BIg enough

  • TOO hot

You’re going to get a HORRIBLE cake.

A cake that no one’s going to eat, even if you gave it to them for free.

Let alone, trying to sell it for a profit.

A copywriter is to a business, like a chef is to a kitchen.

Without them, they’re not being used to their full potential.

So really, what IS copywriting?

Another pretty stock image

Another pretty stock image

“Gee thanks Nigel for the extended analogy, but seriously, what IS it?”

I’m glad you asked.

Copywriting is a way that moves customers.

Moves their hands into their wallet, to remove a plastic rectangle with numbers on it.

Or if they’re real fancy, moves their thumb onto a fingerprint sensor to authorize a mobile payment.

This is what so many companies fail to execute.

Why Does Copywriting work?

Simple psychology.

It’s interesting, the more I learned how to write in a way that sells, the more I learned about the way we think.

We dress ourselves up (literally and figuratively) to be more than just animals and desires and fears, but we truly are just that.

If someone offers you a solution to a problem, relief to a pain, quenches your desire, you will do anything for that person.

Including, giving them money.

How Does Copywriting Do That?

THat question could be answered with thousands of words, and hundreds of articles, and dozens of courses.

And it is. That’s the million dollar question.

There are a couple ways to go about it too, so I’ll just summarize it up for you:

By leveraging inherent human desires and wants.

If you’re selling jewelry and can make a women feel beautiful by just reading the description, that’s good copywriting.

And if you’re trying to sell the same product through wooing a girl by what kind of band it is, the metals, you’re going to have a harder job.

In fact, selling to customers is a LOT like wooing a girl.

You’ve got to:

  • Get to know them, so you know what to talk about.

  • Invoke an emotional response from them, so they remember you in midst of their other options.

  • Then you’ve got to swoop in for the sale (or kiss) at the end of the night (or sales letter).

And the whole time when you’re doing this, you can’t be:

  • Needy - If you or your product is so awesome, then you wouldn’t be needy!

  • Inconsiderate - showing up late, not listening to them, etc.

  • Too aggressive - While it’s up to you to frame the conversation, there is a balance.

All this work, time, and energy so you’re able to:

  • Get the sale/girl

Now there’s different frames like AIDA (attention, interest, desire, attention) and others.

If you want a really comprehensive list about that, check this resource out.

So in short…

  • Copywriting makes the cake taste good

  • Copywriting gets you the sale (maybe the girl, if she likes letters)

  • You NEED copywriting.

And if I’ve done my job correctly as a copywriter…

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BONUS: Copywriting applications outside of business

When you learn how to sell, you also learn how to sell yourself.

You realize that relationships are nothing more than series of transactions, and that the economic value created isn’t dollars and cents, it’s happy and love.

A cynical approach perhaps, but it remains true.

Guess where being able to sell yourself helps?

  • Interviews

  • Dates

  • Building a reputation

  • Anywhere a transaction involves YOU

Copywriting is a fantastic skill to have, and I firmly believe everyone should know how to.